Every now and again we have the opportunity to stand alongside some truly inspirational people; people who risk or dedicate their lives to fighting for social justice.

Signing and sharing an email petition can sometimes feel like a small act, but it can make a huge difference to people doing the really hard work. It shows that you recognise, consider and support what they are doing.

Here’s a message from Rajagopal PV, one of the leaders of the people’s land movement in India. He’s been on the front line of the struggle for land rights for poor and marginalised people for over twenty years. And he’s made a video message for the thousands of people around the world who signed email petitions over the last few weeks, to explain what has happened.

At 0:05 – Rajagopal talks about a meeting with Jairam Ramesh, Minister for Rural Development: “Every person who doesn’t have a place to construct a hut or shelter, they will get land.

At 1:22 - Rajagopal talks about why he thinks the mobilisation was so successful this time: “We want to thank the people who supported this campaign

At 2:14 - Rajagopal answers the essential question of “what next?”: It’s all about the General Election in 2014: "First land, then vote. No land, no vote"

For more information on the progress that has been made, click here.